Yasmira Dahan

Yasmira Dahan | (786) 302-9674

Specialized Skills

Specialized Aesthetic Services

– Slimming Treatments

– Vacuum Therapy

– Electro-Sculpture

– Ultrasound and Electro-Stimulation Therapy

– Hydrotherapy

– Thalassotherapy


– Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Vodder Method

– Lypossage

– Deep Tissue Massage

– Swedish Massage

– Aromatherapy

– Hot Stone Massage

Skin Care

– Anti-Aging Treatments

– Acne Treatments

– Chemical Peels

– Back Treatments

– Facial and Decollate Massage

– Wrappings

– Mud Treatments

Professional Experience

2011 – Present      Very Intelligent Body – Miami, FL


– Employ a wide variety of post operative treatments including MLD, lypossage, deep tissue massage, hot stone therapy and aromatherapy to promote healing, relieve client’s aches and pains, as well as alleviate stress.

– Develop customized skin care treatments and body treatments with emphasis on detoxification and post-surgical care.

– Communicate clearly and effectively in English, Spanish and Italian.

2008 – 2011           Sanctuary 7 – Miami, FL

Pilates Instructor

– Instructed clients of all ages and fitness levels in individual and group Pilates sessions.

– Tailored individual Pilate programs according to client’s needs.

2002 – 2008           Prestige Beauty Solutions – Rome, Italy


– Built, owned and operated a full spa in Rome, Italy.

– Coordinated with plastic surgeons to provide MLD and other healing massage techniques to pre and post surgical patients.

Utilized knowledge, creativity, excellent communications and integrity to help understand the “whole” person and provide the perfect package of aesthetic services.

Tailored customized skin care regiment for clients.


2011     School Massage Educating Hands – Miami, FL

Massage Therapist

2011     New Concept Massage & Beauty School – Miami, FL

Facial Specialist

2008 – 2009    Polestar – Miami, FL

Pilates Instructor Certification

2008     New Concept Massage & Beauty School – Miami, FL

Body Wrapping

2005     Escuela Tecnologica – Cali, Colombia

Courses completed:

– Craniofacial Massage

– Pre & Post Surgical Massage

1998 – 2002     Scuola Pierino Murro – Bari, Italy

Full Specialized European Aesthetician

Courses completed:

– Manual Lymphatic Drainage Vodder Method 2000 – 2002

– Shiatsu 2001 – 2002

– Dead Sea Course Trainning at Le Meridien Dead Sea Hotel


Florida    Licensed Massage Therapist

Florida    Licensed Body Wrapper

Florida    Licensed Facial Specialist

Colombia   Accredited, Certified Pre – Post Surgical Massage

Region of Puglia, Italy  Accredited, Certified European Aesthetician

Region of Puglia, Italy  Accredited, Certified for Lymphatic Drainage